Wednesday 3 May 2023

What will YOU do about Climate Change?

 We have a climate emergency but individuals might feel they can make little difference. Here are some suggestions:  

  • Protest: Governments normally follow public opinion rather than lead.  We need to let all levels of government (and large companies) know that more action is required (such as banning new coal and gas, putting a price on carbon, better incentives for electrification, removing fossil fuel subsidies etc etc).  Protesting can take many forms, including writing letters, joining demonstrations, using social media. Beware of green washing.  
  • Educate: Humanity has a number of challenges at present, but Climate Change is probably the biggest.  Mainstream media consistently understates the problem.  Check some of the references below and then talk with your family, friends, social groups, work colleagues, sports clubs etc to explain the seriousness of the climate emergency. 
  • Support: If you can afford it, please support and/or donate to organisations that are trying to make a difference, for example The Australia Institute, Australian Greens, Renew Economy. This might include moving your investments and savings (superannuation, shares, bank accounts) from fossil fuel supporters to greener options.   
  • Conserve: Trying to reduce your own carbon footprint is a step in the right direction and provides an example to others.  This will make an increasing difference as more people do it.  Examples include: recycle where possible, ditch gas appliances, buy an EV (bike or car), eat less meat,  insulate your home, turn down the air con,  convert to a heat-pump for hot water,  review travel plans. 

Some motivations for Climate Action: 
Johan Rockstrom's Earth Day 2023 Message (6 minute YouTube video) 
National Centre for Climate Restoration (Breakthrough web site) 
"The 2084 Report: A History of Global Warming from the Future"  (novel by James Powell)
National Centre for Climate Restoration (Breakthrough) 
National Centre for Climate Restoration (Breakthrough) National Centre for Climate Restoration (Breakthrough) 

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